Anne Marie became interested in K-pop music while in high school. She first learned about K-pop on social media and then from her friends in the marching band. She was attracted to the message of “Love Yourself” from BTS. In July 2022 she went to hear the K-pop band StrayKids in Chicago with her cousins. Anne loved to dance to her favorite K-pop songs. Of course K-dramas were also part of Anne’s experience with Korean culture.

During her first semester at the University of Kentucky Anne Marie took a Korean history course as an elective. She joined the Korean club and began learning to speak Korean. Her Korean club would visit local Korean restaurants to explore the cuisine.

In February 2022, Anne Marie applied to study abroad in South Korea. While in Korea, Anne Marie loved the food and the culture. She was so excited to attend a NCT dream concert. She also excelled at learning the language. Anne Marie loved getting to know her classmates from Korea and from the study abroad program. Anne Marie was so grateful to visit many beautiful sites in Korea including a trip to Busan and Jeju Island.

On Sundays, she attended mass at the Cathedral in Seoul. To prepare for her 20th birthday, Anne was able to participate in the sacrament of reconciliation. Anne Marie loved South Korea